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August Reading List: Churchill, The Daily Stoic and More

Greetings from the Oakland Hills bunker. I, like most of you are probably still sheltering-at-home. The company continues to grow as we run our company isolated but together, as boxes on a screen. We continue to hire and onboard new clients. We are up 30% in new clients in an industry that is down 30% in claims. I have had less time to read this month than normal or maybe I just haven’t been making the time.

July Reading List – Three Essential Books to Shape Your Customer Service

I am proud to say that June was the best month the law firm has had in the last year for resolving cases and new clients – we actually signed up more cases than we have ever signed. I truly believe having a great 360 Culture can allow you to pivot in an instant. When you focus on what you can control and get away from the worry of what you can’t control, things can truly change.

Self Awareness Is the One Trait Every Great Leader Shares – and It’s Rare

Marcus Aurelius, the Roman leader some 2000 years ago understood the importance of becoming self aware. As business leaders, we spend much of our time looking outward towards the job we have to do that day. If you are like me this can mean a day full of emails, meetings and chats with the team. All that external focus is important to lead a company, but the truly important work of a leader is to work on yourself. If you want to improve your company, spend some of your day becoming self aware.

Great Leaders Never Waste a Crisis: How Our Company Has Grown by 20% in Three Months

It has been more than three months since we sent everybody at our company to work from home. We are all aware of the crises before us. Millions of job losses, a global health crisis and intense political division. In short… it certainly feels like chaos has arrived.

However, during this time, our company has grown. We have hired 10 people, retained more than 250 new clients, opened 2 additional offices and paid bonuses to every person in our company.

Want to Improve Client Satisfaction? Treat Your Clients Like Real People, Not a Case Number

When clients work with your law firm, they don’t want to feel like Case #13746. They want to be Mr. Parker, the firefighter, who loves to fish on the weekend with his two boys and vacations in Mexico with his wife and friends each winter, who is seeking compensation for his left shoulder fracture. Acknowledging the whole human and seeing them as a person and not as a case is critical to building a positive company culture.

How to Turn $13.50 into Hundreds of Thousands in Fees With a Simple Blog, Trust Me I’m Lying

I once did a blog post about the work injuries at Tesla that drove hundreds of new clients to my law firm.  The story was covered by the New York Times and several of our clients were interviewed by Reveal News and the CBS Evening News.  I have Ryan Holiday to thank for all of …

How to Turn $13.50 into Hundreds of Thousands in Fees With a Simple Blog, Trust Me I’m Lying Read More »

Eric’s Reading List: Four Books for Quarantine

Many of us have found ourselves with extra time on our hands as we stay inside in order to flatten the curve. It’s the perfect time to get some reading done. Here are a few books that will truly keep your attention and that have really resonated with me. These books showcase some great advice regarding developing leadership, instilling a customer service culture in your company, and the best mindset to adopt when approaching your business.

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