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About the Book

Most lawyers don’t set out to be business owners. They become business owners when they open their own law firm, and from that point forward, their work tends to become disconnected and chaotic. They’re so busy with HR, bookkeeping, and marketing that they’re lucky to have twenty minutes a day to work on cases. Many lawyers are drowning, which contributes to the profession’s unsettling levels of alcoholism, drug addiction, and depression.

Eric Farber knows what it feels like to be, as he puts it, “running in scarcity.” He did it for years before discovering the secret to turning things around: PUTTING CULTURE FIRST.

In The Case for Culture, Eric gives lawyers the wisdom and tools they need to transform themselves and their culture. By creating a community of people and rallying them around a shared mission, you’ll build a law practice that will take care of you, not the other way around. If you want to grow your practice and be happy, it starts with culture.

Innovative and Necessary, the ideas in The Case for Culture bring some humanity into your law practice.

Willian Hunt, Trial Lawyer,


"An ubpbeat engaging guide to improving a work enviroment."


The Case for Culture brings a fresh approach to growing a practice-one that has yet to be discussed and should have been long ago.

Leland Thompson

Thompson Consulting

A firm’s culture is the foundation for its success or failure. Within these pages are critical ideas and concepts of how to build your firm culture first, in ways that permanently synergize sustainable growth. Your new list of ‘to-dos’ will begin on page one.

Patrick Palace

Owner Palace Law, Executive Council National Council for Bar Presidents

I have known Eric for many years as a lawyer, counselor, and friend. His insight for building and inspiring teams has always been invaluable.

Charles M. Yim

Founder Breathometer, CMY Ventures

About the Author


CEO and Chief Legal Officer of
Pacific Workers’ Compensation Law Center

ERIC FARBER is on a mission to change how law firms operate by showing lawyers the value of putting culture first. During his twenty-five years as a lawyer, Eric has lived the transformation from scarcity to abundance that becomes possible when you shift your perspective and prioritize people. As the CEO and Chief Legal Officer of Pacific Workers’ Compensation Law Center, Eric’s focus on culture helped him build a seven-figure firm that’s gone from four people to forty in just five years, been an Inc. 5000 company twice, was named to both the Bay Area 100 list of fastest-growing companies and spent two consecutive years in the top 50 of Law Firm 500.

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